bringing healthcare home for Medicaid waivered participants

Clinic@HomeTM by HealtheMed is a first-of-its-kind digital system of care that improves the lives of Minnesota Medicaid CADI and all other waivered clients by breaking down the barriers to access for essential health and wellness services they need.

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Better care for all Medicaid waivered clients

The state of Minnesota is pioneering the use of the Clinic@Home system for its most at-risk citizens. Clinic@Home improves the quality of life and health outlook for CADI and all other Medicaid waivered clients by helping them:

  • Receive telemedicine visits from a physician 4+ times a year
  • Remember to take daily medications
  • Avoid unnecessary ER visits or hospital stays.

Peace of mind for Medicaid case managers

Clinic@Home helps case managers and care team members stay better connected with their clients. Case managers who are connected via Clinic@Home can more efficiently manage all their cases because the system performs many of the same monitoring functions that they would otherwise have to do over the phone or in the home. With Clinic@Home, case workers can:

  • Keep clients stable and living at home longer
  • Streamline care coordination
  • Use monthly client data reports to better manage care

Digital System of Care

We provide the only home-based virtual care setting that enables Medicaid waivered clients and care teams to utilize services like telemedicine, medication adherence and remote patient monitoring (RPM).


"Hybrid" Telemedicine

A minimum of 4 physician telemedicine visits per year with our nurse consultant in the home to make sure things go smoothly.


Medication Adherence

Daily reminders and tracking, as well as automated dispensing at each interval when the client should take meds.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Provision and maintenance of multiple doctor-ordered Bluetooth devices that easily connect directly to our system.

We make it easy to refer clients

Referring Clinic@Home for your clients takes less than 15 minutes for you to complete the authorization, and we can install the platform within 3-5 business days.

Our team also provides content including a thorough description of services to help comply with the Coordinated Services and Supports Plan (CSSP) 

Click here to learn more about how our integrated solution for Medicaid waivered client telemedicine, medication adherence and remote patient monitoring works.



Our mission is better care for a marginalized population

At HealtheMed, our mission is to keep Minnesota Medicaid waivered participants in the community longer by breaking down barriers and enabling access to the essential care services they need, in the comfort of their own home.

Our Clinic@Home solution helps Medicaid waivered participants overcome common communication, transportation, social anxiety, and ailment issues that keep these home-bound clients from getting the care they need.

The results include better outcomes, less reliance on the emergency room or hospital stays, and lower total cost of care.

Clinic@Home is approved by the state of Minnesota Department of Human Services, Minnesota Medical Assistance (MA), and MNChoices for all waivered clients including Brain Injury (BI), Community Alternative Care (CAC), Developmental Disabilities (DD), Elderly Waiver (EW), Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI). 

Read about the Medicaid waivered clients and case managers have benefited from Clinic@Home here

“I have a patient with a lot of social anxieties. This has helped them overcome not being able to comfortably go into the community or find transportation… they went from sub-20% adherence to now above 80% with their visits and treatments.”

  - Jennifer, IHS provider