The digital system of care for Medicaid waivered clients and case managers

Better care for Medicaid waivered participants

Medicaid waivered participants typically have multiple chronic conditions and are often home bound.   While they need the most help, challenges such as social anxieties, physical ailments and finding transportation may make it difficult to regularly visit their doctors.

As a result of inconsistent or limited ongoing care, many Medicaid waiver participants end up in the emergency room or are admitted to the hospital with a problem that could have been avoided if they had better access to primary care.

Clinic@Home helps this at-risk population remain in the community longer and feel more in control of their own care by giving them access to the care they need in the comfort of their home.

Clinic@Home clients report an improved quality of life and health outlook as a result of:

  • Receiving wellness visits from a physician a minimum of 4 times per year
  • Remembering to take daily medications
  • Avoiding unnecessary ER visits or hospitalizations

Clients receive a 50” Sony smart TV, with doctor-ordered remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices such as an automated medication dispenser, contactless thermometer, and pulse oximeter at no cost to them. Together, these connected devices enable doctors to monitor client health and clients to manage their own health more proactively from the comfort of home.  Having physician visits on the 50” TV rather than a smart phone makes the encounter more immediate and powerful than other telemedicine platforms.

Clients can use the 50” Smart TV to watch their favorite shows plus actively participate in their healthcare by meeting with their doctors through the TV, accessing their online health score, and receiving medication reminders at all times of the day.

“I don’t have a car. Leaving the house gives me anxiety, and now I don’t have to worry about getting to appointments – I have my appointments right here.”
-Maria, Clinic@Home Client

Peace of mind for Medicaid waiver case managers

Clinic@Home offers waiver case managers a set of tools to manage their client’s care more effectively and enables clients to care for themselves more independently.

Case managers report better care and more efficient management of waivered clients:

  • Keeping clients stable and living at home longer
  • Streamlining care coordination
  • Using monthly client data reports to better manage care
  • Planning transitions more effectively

Important real-time client data is available through our cloud-based interface to help case managers track progress and identify potential problems before they occur.  This means that case managers can handle their most at-risk population much more efficiently.

And because the Clinic@Home solution is installed and maintained by HealtheMed, there is no additional work required on the part of case managers, nor do they need to learn a completely new software platform on their own.  We take care of it all and provide regular training and updates.


In under 15 minutes, you can change your clients’ lives forever

Referring Clinic@Home for your clients takes less than 15 minutes for you to complete the authorization, and we can install the platform within 3-5 business days.

  • Clients get full use of a 50” Sony smart TV, better access to a healthcare team from the home, and more stability enabling them to stay in the community longer.
  • Case managers get peace of mind knowing they are providing the essential services that clients need.
  • The entire care team can more easily manage client care because they have a direct link to the client through our platform.

Regular Feedback Loop

Our monthly feedback loop, including client status reports, means that case managers and care team members can more easily monitor client status and progress without having to make multiple phone calls and visits.

HEM Feedback Loop image care team
“Before HealtheMed, our clients were less compliant in taking their medications. They were not taking care of themselves at all. Now with Clinic@Home installed, I only need to check up on some of my clients once a week, as opposed to before when I also had to order a daily PCA visit.”
- Jennifer, IHS provider
“They meet you in their home and set the entire system up for you. It’s a simple process and they’ll even help find another doctor for them if the patient requests one.”
– Medicaid case manager