Revolutionizing Telemedicine: Why We Place a Nurse in the Home.

Having a HealtheMed nurse consultant present in the home during regularly scheduled primary care video telemedicine visits offers multiple advantages for Medicaid waiver participants. In addition to ensuring each visit goes smoothly from a technology perspective (when, for this population simply logging into a telemedicine appointment can be daunting), the presence of a nurse provides an extra set of eyes and ears in the home environment, leading to a more comprehensive and effective visit.

  1. Comprehensive Assessment of Social Determinants: Social determinants of health significantly impact an individual’s well-being. When our consulting nurse is present during the video telemedicine visits, they conduct a
    The HealtheMed Client Engagement Report captures critical social determinants of health info on a regular basis.

    Capturing Social Determinant Data

    comprehensive assessment of the patient’s social circumstances. This includes evaluating living conditions, access to resources, and community support. By identifying and addressing these social determinants, the nurse can assist in developing targeted interventions that improve health outcomes and overall quality of life.

  2. Enhanced Support and Observation: The presence of our consulting nurse in the home setting provides an additional layer of support, observation, and care. As an extra set of eyes and ears, the HealtheMed nurse consultant can observe the patient’s home environment, identify potential hazards or safety concerns, and ensure adherence to prescribed medications, treatments, and lifestyle modifications. This direct observation allows for better guidance and education, promoting healthier behaviors and reducing the risk of adverse health outcomes.
  3. Improved Patient Engagement and Collaboration: Having our consulting nurse in the home during the video telemedicine visits fosters patient engagement and collaboration. Our nurse establishes a trusting relationship with the patient and their family, creating a comfortable environment for open communication. Patients feel supported, listened to, and empowered to actively participate in their healthcare decisions. The nurse’s presence facilitates a collaborative approach, where patients can express concerns related to social determinants of health, and together with the healthcare team, develop personalized strategies to address these challenges effectively.

We believe our high touch approach to hi-tech telemedicine leads to more effective care, better management of social determinants, and ultimately, improved health outcomes for Medicaid waiver participants.  And by providing this level of care to each of our clients every quarter, we provide greater access to care for underserved populations, which is truly what health equity is about.