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Breaking down barriers to access

Clinic@Home is an integrated digital system of care that breaks down barriers to access by enabling many different care services to be performed in the home setting. This includes regular virtual clinical visits, remote patient monitoring and significantly improved medication adherence through medication therapy management.

Clients are given the use of a 50-inch Smart TV, outfitted with multipoint video capability and integrated Bluetooth devices, such as a medication auto-dispensing unit, pulse oximeter, and thermometer – all of which are all connected to HealtheMed’s Clinic@Home platform.

Client data is securely processed by our proprietary algorithms and shared with the appropriate care team members so that they can stay connected with each Clinic@Home client health status.

“Hybrid” Telemedicine

We call it hybrid telemedicine because our solution is a combination of high tech and high touch that delivers care to Medicaid waivered clients they may not otherwise receive.

Caregivers and family members may also join the video call with the client in the home or remotely.

And since the physician can monitor medication adherence and regular patient health data, the visits can be directed based on the information provided through the Clinic@Home system of care.

Medication adherence

We make it easy for clients to take the right medications at the right time.

Through our partnership with Dose Health, the Clinic@Home solution includes a smart, automated pill dispenser that ensures individuals get their meds on time, even if they don’t have a caregiver to assist or remind them.

The solution informs care team members if meds are not taken properly, allowing one caregiver to oversee multiple individuals and intervene when needed.

The system can be configured to send text, call, or email if a med time is missed, the device needs to be refilled, and more.

Remote patient monitoring

In addition to the automated medication dispenser, Clinic@Home can be configured with other Bluetooth connected doctor ordered devices as needed including:

Client data from these devices is served up to care team members through our cloud-based interface, allowing for real-time patient monitoring and better care.

Our remote patient monitoring can help keep people healthy, allow waivered individuals to live at home longer and avoid having to move into skilled nursing facilities.

Remote patient monitoring can also serve to reduce the number of hospitalizations and readmissions, which help improve quality of life and contain costs.

How it works

Getting started is easy and can take less than a week.

  1. A case manager makes referral through our web form.
  2. We confirm authorization and any doctor orders.
  3. Within 3-5 days, we will deliver all the equipment needed.
  4. On delivery day, our nurse consultant trains the client, providers and caregivers.

On an ongoing basis, the care plan is enabled by the Clinic@Home system of care.

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