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Medication Adherence and Management

HealtheMed’s initial telemedicine services will focus on medication adherence, medication management, and behavioral health.

In a 2013 study, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid concluded that poor adherence to prescribed medications, in seniors and people with chronic diseases, cost $177 billion each year.

HealtheMed’s telemedicine platform and services will solve this problem by guaranteeing that people take their medications more than 90% of the time, which is double the national rate of adherence.

Doctors and pharmacists will conduct telemedicine visits with Medicaid participants, to provide medication reviews and counseling, through the two-way camera in each Smart TV.

HealtheMed℠ technology will enable mail-order delivery of drugs prescribed by the participant’s doctor to be shipped directly to the home that are easily loaded into an automated pill dispenser by the participant, a caregiver or a nurse. Other peripherals can be easily integrated with the platform that monitors heart rate, blood sugar, weight, lung function and other remote participant monitoring devices. Participant data generated by the system will be stored in the HealtheMed℠ cloud.

If a participant does not take her medications by interacting with the automated pill dispenser, the HealtheMed℠ platform will generate audible, visual and television prompts that encourage the participant to take her medications as prescribed. If the participant remains non-compliant her doctor, spouse, caregiver or nurse may be notified on their android and IOS enabled devices.


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