We need more preventative care in the home

Lack of access to good healthcare is a major problem that affects millions of people around the world, and in the United States, Medicaid waivered clients are disproportionately impacted. These individuals are among the most vulnerable in our society, often struggling with multiple chronic conditions that require ongoing medical care.

This population may face additional barriers to accessing healthcare, such as transportation issues or fear of going out in public, which can make it difficult to receive quality care. These barriers can lead to further health complications and worsened outcomes for this already vulnerable population.

However, due to many factors, including a shortage of healthcare providers, limited financial resources and an inability to manage their own health care, many waiver participants are unable to access the quality healthcare they need.

When waiver participants cannot get regular medical checkups and ongoing treatment, they may experience complications and worsening symptoms that can significantly impact their quality of life. This can also lead to increased hospitalizations and emergency room visits, which can be costly and disruptive.

Healthcare professionals know that many chronic conditions can be effectively managed with preventative measures, such as regular checkups and wellness visits. It is just not happening for this population in today’s care delivery model. To overcome the barriers to access that exist for much of our waivered population, we need a care delivery model that brings the wellness visit – and the practitioner – to them, in their homes.

When we proactively provide preventative care for Medicaid waiver participants, we can identify and address medical or behavioral problems before they become serious. And because we are in the home, we can also better understand and address the underlying social determinants of health that contribute to the health disparities we see among vulnerable populations.

The state of Minnesota recognized the opportunity to bring health care into the home of waivered participants when they approved Clinic@Home. Our in-home system of care, which combines high technology with hi-touch services, provides preventative care in the home so that Medicaid waiver participants have access to the quality healthcare they need to be more independent and live healthy, fulfilling lives.